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Angie Zhang

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Angie joined the Kotai Realty Company in south California USA in 1998 and began to get in touch with real estate. Since then, she has fallen in love with real estate investment. She likes to travel. She has been living in Southern California in 1997 and moved to Canada in 1999, Ottawa was her first home city in Canada, then moved to Halifax in 2000, and in 2001 she moved to Vancouver. Each move, she drove from one province to the other and she has been to all the provinces and territories in Canada except Nunavut, she has a better understanding of most of the provinces in Canada.

Angie has worked in many different fields including but not limited to judge, bookkeeper, software engineer, real estate agent and property manager; due to many career changes in her life, she got the chances to gain knowledges in legal field, tax perspective investment, big data analysis, real estate investment and property management.

In addition, Angie has attended several universities in Canada (Carleton University, Arcadia University and Simon Fraser University) and finally got her degree from Simon Fraser University. Every career change, there is always someone helped her on the difficult days, a lot of people encouraged her and guided her. She appreciates all the people who trust her.

So her goal is to help others, because she got a lot of help from others.

Angie is also a senior real estate investor. She is good at finding deals, analyzing properties, discovering opportunities, and doing real estate planning and consultation for buying and selling properties. She hope to help clients who trust her and get them best opportunities.

Angie is also happy to help clients who needs creative finance to be able to afford a property.

At the last, Angie has a group of realtors and property managers to focus on residential properties, commercial properties and property management.